Dr. Kedar Ganla at various Conference and Seminars


He has been conducting Infertility awareness program for General practitioners, family physicians, gynecologist and patients. He has conducted more than 50 Live IUI workshops and is invited as a speaker for many Conferences and workshops in different parts of India.

Sri Lanka College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists – 2008 He was invited for the prestigious oration for the Prof .D.E. Gunathilake Memorial Symposium at Sri lanka on the subject “Evaluation of Endometrium and its role in Implantation”

Yuva Fogsi Oration –2010 Prestigious oration By Federation of Obstetrics and Gynecology of India (FOGSI) for the young and academically acclaimed students. He was selected as the best candidate in India for this oration on the subject “Modern Management Of the Infertile Man”.

He has written, directed and acted in the skit presentations which are fun filled hilarious ways of teaching his fellow colleagues about the stress free management of the infertile couples. He believes that it is important to learn theses techniques in a simple way of dramas rather then complicated lecturers presentations.

Dr. Kedar Ganla at various Conference and Seminars

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